My 123rd Review

I just finished posting my 123rd Amazon review. This was on the subject of winning arguments. The author states, in fact, that there is nothing as satisfying as winning a good argument and he gives 91 tips on doing just that.

The one thing he says never to do in an argument, however, is hurl an insult at your opponent. He says it characterizes a “weak poisition,” and is beside the point.

Hmm. Wonder if Donald J. Trump has read this book — and rejected that advice?

Guess we’ll all just have to stay tuned….

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New Website Kicks Off!

Well, we’re underway, with a customized Don Sloan page that features:

  • Five published books
  • Comprehensive, free reviews at Don Sloan’s WordPress site
  • A book blog featuring more than 1,000 titles in 11 genres
  • Professional, Kirkus-quality book reviews — at a fraction of the cost

Whew! It’s a lot to accomplish in one day — but it’s a good start: grouping all Don’s services and books together — finally in one spot!

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More to come tomorrow. Adios!