A Twitter Epiphany . . .

My Publishers Daily Reviews site has exploded in Twitter interest, going from a grand total of seven followers last Friday — to more than 150 in a week. What’s the secret? I typed Indie Authors into the search bar and, as I clicked “Follow,” on each of the resulting suggestions — all authors,  my ideal target — Twitter automatically suggested another! Most followed me back, and just like that the number of Followers multiplied. Good etiquette indicates that you send a “Thanks for Following” Direct Message, with a brief, mild sales pitch and a shortened link (courtesy of bit.ly.com.) Most clicked on to my site and several sales of promotional reviews resulted. Bottom line: great way to reach a targeted audience. Authors could do the same by, for example, typing in “Avid Readers,” or some such. Continue to grow by clicking on Followers on your Twitter home page, then scrolling down to find still more authors to Follow. For me, this was a truly astounding example of the power of Social Media. Anyway, thought I’d share. Find me on Twitter: @PublishersDaily!


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