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My name is Don Sloan, and I am a former journalist for a large metropolitan daily newspaper and also an avid book reviewer, with more than 150 reviews posted on Amazon.

My goal with Just Free and Bargain Books is to bring a select FREE or deeply discounted selection of ebooks to your inbox each morning, rain or shine, weekday or weekend. I’ll also deliver a dollop of eclectic news, entertainment (I’ll cruise YouTube for the day’s best offering, so you don’t have to), and will also, from time to time, also make available select items at a deep discount from some of the finest craftsmen, retailers or e-course providers. (I promise, no vitamins, cosmetics or weight-loss programs).

Wearing another hat — my author hat — I wanted with the Dark Forces Series to present readers with a new and exciting horror and suspense thriller experience. View the first two in the Series, The Sisters and The Horror Hunters.

I am permanently disabled and have begun a blog intended to uplift the spirits and, hopefully, re-energize the approximately 2.4 million disabled folks in the U.S., as well as those around the world. You can Follow my regular posts by going to BoundBodySoundMind.wordpress.com.

I’ve also published a reference work for authors seeking reviews and promotion on the Web. It’s called 200+ Ways to Promote Your Book and Get the Reviews You Need.  Additionally there’s Ten Steps to Lowering Your Stress — an eclectic guide to relaxation and happiness.

For authors:

In order to give Independent authors — and a few established ones — a place to showcase their books and gather free, comprehensive reviews, I set up the  Don Sloan Authors, Book Reviews and More site (it’s a bit different than the Publishers Daily Reviews site, listed below).

If you’d like to promote your book either on its KDP Free days or as a bargain book, please visit this page on the Just Free and Bargain Books site.

You can avail yourselves of my highly recommended editing and cover/blurb writing services by clicking here

And, finally, if you need a promotional review of your book that you can post very visibly on your Amazon page, visit my reviews site, Publishers Daily Reviews.

I currently live in the mountains of Western North Carolina with my wife and enjoy a cold glass of Chardonnay in the evenings, sitting on my back deck.

Thanks for visiting my site. Please take a moment and Follow me by clicking on the Follow button (Scroll to the footer at the bottom of the page).

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